FCA Regulated Businesses

Businesses regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) need to follow the rules to ensure they run their business in the best interest of consumers and uphold the integrity of the financial services industry


The Financial Conduct Authority is the conduct regulator for 56,000 financial services firms and financial markets in the UK, and the prudential regulator for over 24,000 of those firms.


Insurers are faced with the increasing challenge of understanding and managing the tangible impact of operational and conduct risk within their business against the FCA’s risk outlook. Technology implementation is seen as a key strategy to achieve this, by enabling real time visibility over day to day conduct, centrally managing activity and streamlining reporting.

FCA Regulated

Riliance works with a wide range of financial services businesses in helping to ensure that they put consumers first. Treating customers fairly (TCF) is central to the FCA’s expectations of how businesses conduct themselves. Riliance provides one central system to enable businesses regulated by the FCA to maintain effective systems and controls for compliance.