Our cloud-based software Flow allows you to forecast, manage and track Cashflow

What is Flow?

See at a glance visuals of your current and forecasted cash balances and really drill into the detail of your transactions. No more confusion! Know exactly where payments have come from, and why you’re paying for invoices.

Why choose Flow?

Flow consolidates all of your spread sheets in one easy to access place, available whenever you need them, saving you more time for the important stuff.

The scenarios section will enable a business to essentially play out situations, providing an excellent platform to plan and make decisions based on their outcomes.

With Flow you are able to look forward and forecast your cashflow, along with creating scenarios and seeing how they play out.

Instant results

Current finances are available instantly, giving businesses peace of mind knowing they can track and manage their finances at the click of a button. Transactions are also no longer just numbers within a spread sheet, as adding details are only ever one click a way.

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