ICAEW Diversity Survey

Collect and collate all necessary data safely and anonymously, as well as monitoring and managing staff survey completion

Once all data has been inputted the system is able to produce a comprehensive report that mirrors the requirements of the ICAEW.

Data Collection

The submission date for reporting Diversity Data is the 30th April 2017, start collecting your diversity data with us now.

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In 2007...

The Legal Services Act 2007 specifies a regulatory objective to 'encourage a strong, independent, diverse and effective legal profession' within firms that supply reserved legal services such as probate.

In the initial period of accreditation, the collecting, reporting and publishing of this diversity data has been voluntary. From 2017, this will become a regulatory requirement for all probate firms to undertake this activity.

Collate, report & publish

Once firms have reported their data to the ICAEW it will then collate all the data and publish the diversity profile of the profession on its website. The data may be published at a firm, sector or regional level, or across the whole profession, but individuals must not be identifiable from any data published.

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