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GDPR Exemptions for firm’s with less than 250 employees

A common misconception is that firm’s with less than 250 employees believe they are exempt from GDPR – This is a myth

Brexit in the legal sector

With Brexit fast approaching and lots of details of the plans up in the air I can hear you all thinking “What does this mean for us?”.

SRA Transparency Rules

The new SRA Transparency Rules come into effect in December 2018, but what will this mean for you and your firm?

E-signatures – the way forward?

The Electronic Communications Act 2000 made electronic signatures on contracts admissible as evidence which paved the way for the new world of e-commerce.

Effective Risk Management

A Risk Management Framework is essential in any modern-day law firm; the SRA Code of Conduct closely ties a firms’ need to manage their risks with the outcome focused r

Insurance Mediation Directive

From the 1st October new SRA rules will take effect to cater for the above EU directive which will replace the Insurance Mediation Directive.

How to nip those complaints in the bud

As per the Legal Ombudsman’s recent annual report, the most common cause for complaints about lawyers was delays or failure to progress a case, ahead of failure to advi

Residual balances and what you can learn from them

We were recently asked to carry out a review of a firm’s COFA (Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration) function, and as part of the review we requested sight

Women in law

In recent years there has been a big focus on gender equality across all industries in the UK, we have seen the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage, the #MeToo cam

The price is right – new pricing rules for law firms are approved

In December 2018, new rules are being introduced that are designed to ensure that there is greater transparency in the prices charged by law firms for certain legal ser

Scams, Bogus Firms, Unauthorised Firms and Clones

I will assume that the majority of you out there are aware of the risks of identity theft and fraud.