Below are a selection of testimonials from our existing clients.

Risk Management Systems

The Riliance FS product is a tremendous resource for Principal and has proven itself as an invaluable investment. We can now evidence both up to date information, with a full audit trail to support our compliance regime and the task engine ensures that compliance is a continuously managed activity in the business. Furthermore the quality of management information the system automatically produces for our monthly board meetings is providing a great deal of valuable analysis. 

Damian Keeling, Chairman
Principal Insurance
Risk Management Systems

Implementing the Riliance system has enabled us to integrate many off-line spreadsheet dependent systems that we have inherited through our extensive M&A activity over the years into one central database that gives a real time visibility of our compliance activities. The quality of the MI that Riliance has developed for us has freed up extensive management time. Our Gabriel returns used to be a time consuming activity and now they are automatically produced by the system. 

Warren Dickson, CEO
Chase Templeton
Risk Management Systems

The file audit module has been invaluable for showing our compliance for various accreditations as well as effective supervision of all staff. The ability to be able to create our own file audit question sets saves me from keeping a dozen spreadsheets for all the data!

Emma Walker, Risk & Compliance Manager
Burnetts Solicitors

I found the webinar very informative and useful and will be able to relay this information back easily to the firm, with help from the templates I was sent after the webinar.

Charlote Akpinar, Compliance Officer
Bell & Buxton Solicitors

The seminar was very useful and informative. The presenter was very good at keeping the audiences attention with good examples of each relevant point.

Anita Page, Solicitor
Dixon Rugby Keogh Solicitors

An excellent seminar, very informative and helpful.

Anthony Beeston, Director
Beeston Shenton Solicitors

The course ‘Competency – What counts as training?’ was extremely good, as usual, as were the supporting documents. I cannot see how any fee earner/partner can fail to complete a training record to the satisfaction of the SRA with all the assistance given.

Elaine Havord, Solicitor and Practice Manager
Copleys Solicitors

Compliance is the buzzword in our profession. Get it wrong and you risk paying a heavy price. The importance of keeping up to date cannot be overstated. Riliance’s monthly webinars are a ficture in my diary for the first Thursday in every month. They provide an invaluable source of relvetant information for busy COLP’s, COFA’s and others involved in managing a law practice.

Gwyn Geroge, Managing Director

We had been trying to get Lexcel approved for a number of years but kept delaying the process due to other commitments. This is why it was so great that Riliance could just come in and set up all the documents as it allowed us to carry on with our busy schedules. The consultants drafted documents for us, they supplied us with templates and advised generally on what we would need to do to not only obtain Lexcel accreditation but also to ensure we have good practices within the firm.

Sangeeta Rabadia, Director
Pindoria Solicitors

Many thanks for keeping us up to date on compliance issues – don’t know how we would survive in this compliance and regulatory minefield without you.

Jayne Kendrink-Jones, Client Care and Compliance Manager

Well put together presentation that covered a lot of material and to meet varied delegates needs which was no mean feat, very useful and informative

Leslee Griffiths
Beeston Shenton Solicitors