Training Packages

A complete solution for compliance training and learning management

Our unique and flexible training services provide access to online training, a complete learning management system, bespoke content and course creation.

 GDPR LibraryAML LibraryCompliance Library
 What's included
Anti-Money Laundering View DemoNoYesYes
Criminal Finance Act View DemoNoYesYes
Equality and Diversity View DemoNoNoYes
Data Protection View DemoYesNoYes
SRA Accounts Rules View DemoNoNoYes
ID Verification Awareness View DemoNoNoYes
Modern Slavery Act  View DemoNoNoYes
Anti-Bribery View DemoNoNoYes
Conflicts of Interest View DemoNoNoYes
Introduction To GDPR View DemoYesNoYes
GDPR Course View DemoYesNoYes
Criminal Finance Act Facilitation of Tax Evasion View DemoNoYesYes
Anti-Money Laundering Refresher UpdatesNoYesYes
GDPR Refresher UpdatesYesNoYes
PEPs and Sanctions View DemoNoYesYes
Anti-Money Laundering WebinarsNoYesYes
GDPR Update WebinarsYesNoYes
Compliance WebinarsYesYesYes
 Compliance Packs
Anti-Money Laundering PackNoYesYes
Criminal Finance Act PackNoYesYes


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